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With our dedication to excellence, we aim to provide high quality and reliable products to the healthcare fraternity. We constantly strive to improve our products and customer service, matching International Standards and requirements.

With spirit of aggressive product improvement and customer-focused strategy, we are a leading organization specializing in a wide range of medical devices. We stand committed towards a strong ethical and professional approach.


Each Neotec product has to undergo stringent quality checks before placing them on market.

Quality products and services are strategic issues and a daily challenge for us.

Quality improvement and upgradation is continuous process at Neotec.


Fully automatic assembly undergo stringent quality checks before placing them on market.

Fully Automatic Assembly Line

Fully AutomaticAssembly of IV Cannulae and 3-Way Stop Cocks, with 100% online Automatic Quality Control of all key product attributes. No Human Touch (during assembly process) on the product.


Safety I.V. Cannula (Tip Cover)


Safety I.V. Cannula


3 Way Stopcock Automatic Machine